Asa Helena Olsson

(Proyecto Redes Temáticas CONACYT, Nº 243709)

Noviembre 2014


  1. Datos personales y de contacto

Apellidos: OLSSON

Nombre(s): Asa Helena



Máximo grado escolar obtenido:

Master in Public Administration Major in Political Science, 07 January 1998.

Institución de adcripción:

Melbourne, Australia University.

Dirección institucional:

Department of Government

Box 514, 751 20

Uppsala, Sweden

Fax: +46 18 471 16 35

Teléfono: +46 18 471 12 06


  1. Trayectoria científica

Línea(s) actual(es) de trabajo:

My career pathway differs from the traditional academics, as I for the past 10 years have manage a high level impact global research network in the area of science, policy, innovation and tertiary education leadership and management. In my role as a manager of this network, I have worked from UNESCO, OECD, the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency and since 2014 from LH Martin Institute, University of Melbourne.

I have worked with professors, academics and policy specialist from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. The past two years which has resulted in two Special Issues in Studies of Higher Education, one of the highest ranked journals in the field, 30 OECD publications, 7 high level international expert meetings over the past two years.

In my current role, I have been responsible for an Executive Leadership Programme, which is offered as a part of an award programme of University of Melbourne, equal to a half Masters. In the first cohort, we had 46 students from Africa and South East Asia. I am also the editor of the RHEDI community site, which we do in collaboration with University World News. It brings together researchers, policy-makers and practitioners in the space of research and innovation leadership and management.

Cinco principales publicaciones:

Coordinación de proyectos colectivos de investigación:

– Research, Higher Education, Development and Innovation (RHEDI).

– Innovation, Higher Education, Research for Development (IHERD).

– UNESCO Forum on Higher Education, Research and Innovation.


– Science, research and innovation policy.

– Leadership development in the tertiary education sector.

– Building research and innovation capacities in emerging and developing countries.

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  1. Participación en RIMAC

Subprograma 3, Diplomacia científica y nuevos dispositivos para la internacionalización de la educación superior con el tema específico:

La participación de las mujeres en los programas transnacionales de investigación.